Are you looking for a company that can build process equipment for you from scratch?

Or a company that can give your process equipment a thorough overhaul so that it meets modern requirements again? Please contact Het Stamp. We are a company that has been active in this field since 1955 and that knows better than anyone how to make a device that meets all modern requirements. We are specialized in producing process equipment for the medical, pharmaceutical, dairy and food industries. We can build melters, heat exchangers, mixers, surgical and test equipment for you, among other things.

At Het Stempel we build systems that
distinguished in several areas

Not only are they good examples of state-of-the-art technology, they are also reliable and durable. When we build process equipment, we ensure that these are equipment that fully meets the wishes of our client. Take our tube heat exchanger, for example. This device is used for pasteurizing products. But we can also build you a scraped heat exchanger, a crystallizer, a melter, a lab unit or a plunger pump. Each process device is supplied by us with our very complete service.

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Shell and tube heat exchangers

Tube heat exchangers are used for pasteurizing a product. Basically, a lofator consists of a “heating”, “holding” and “cooling” section. In the heating section, the product is heated by means of double-walled pipes are heated up, after which it is kept at the right temperature in the holding section, these are insulated pipes. The product is cooled down again in the double-walled cooling section for further preparation.


A crystallizer can be used in 2 ways, as a low-speed mixer and as an inverter, whereby water is added to fat at high speeds. Depending on the content, from 75 ml to 150 liters, and the residence time in the crystallizer, the crystals of the product grow to the desired size and the product can be further processed.


This unit, a melter for short, processes excess product that has not been packaged. The product is melted with this unit and prepared for reuse in the process. In this way you have as little product loss as possible. The melters are available in any desired volume.

Lab Unit – MPU

Our MPU – Micro Processing Unit, is a tailor-made machine for laboratory scale testing. The units for preparing the product can be made in any desired design. eg. an A unit with a diameter of 30 mm or a C unit with a volume of 75 ml. It is possible to run the unit fully automatic and CIP-able.

Piston Pump

Our high pressure plunger pumps are designed to maintain product flow through the process equipment. The two versions are designed for a capacity of, small pump up to 5500 L/hr, large pump up to 7000 L/hr.