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Are you looking for a new plunger pump for your company? Then contact Het Stamp today. We ensure that you can get started quickly with a plunger pump that is completely tailored to your needs. Our company builds custom plunger pumps that meet all the requirements that are set for these types of pumps. We are a machine builder that has been working in this field since 1955. In our more than 60 years of existence, we have already built plunger pumps for companies all over the world. These pumps are used to full satisfaction. Would you like to know more about a pump for your company? Please feel free to contact us about this.

What is a Piston Pump?

Before you decide to buy a plunger pump, let’s briefly summarize what such a pump actually entails. These special pumps are designed to maintain the product flow generated by the process equipment. We have two versions of this in stock. The small pump can handle up to 5500 liters per hour, the large pump 7000 liters per hour. These pumps, including their drive, are mounted by us on a stainless steel frame. This comes with a vibration damper. We can also supply appendages for the pump. You can think of an inline suction filter.

Would you like to know more about our Piston Pump?

You can always contact us if you have any questions about our plunger pumps. We would be happy to tell you more about this and then look at the possibilities together with you. We can therefore tell you everything about the many other machines that we can build for you. Our specialist employees are ready to get started with our advanced equipment. Thanks to their knowledge and skills, they know better than anyone how to make the perfect process equipment, and how to do this within a short period of time.

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